Judge cites privacy issues regarding the son of Halyna Hutchins as the reason for sealing Alec Baldwin settlement in the deadly shooting

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Alec Baldwin:  Sant Fe, New Mexico In a wrongful death lawsuit against actor Alec Baldwin and a variety of producers and crew connected to Hutchins’ death in a fatal filmset shooting, a judge has agreed to keep public view of the terms of a proposed settlement agreement that benefits the son of deceased cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

The judge in New Mexico highlighted Andros Hutchins, Halyna’s 10-year-old son, as having privacy issues.

On the set of the Western film “Rust” in 2021, during a movie rehearsal on the outskirts of Santa Fe, actor and coproducer Baldwin was aiming a handgun at cinematographer Halyna Hutchins when the gun went off, killing her and injuring the director, Joel Souza.

Matthew Hutchins, a widower, filed the wrongful death lawsuit last year against the “Rust” producers, including Baldwin, as well as crew members in charge of safety and an ammunition distributor. Additionally listed as a plaintiff is Andros Hutchins, whose age was 9 at the time of the shooting.

In order to protect the boy’s privacy and reach a deal with the “Rust” producers, the boy’s attorneys stated on Monday that confidentiality clauses are essential.

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A New Mexico judge is sealing from public view the terms of a proposed settlement agreement in a wrongful death lawsuit involving actor Alec Baldwin.
A New Mexico judge is sealing from public view the terms of a proposed settlement agreement in a wrongful death lawsuit involving actor Alec Baldwin.data-c-credit=”ANGELA WEISS, AFP Via Getty Images”


The death of Halyna Hutchins is the subject of at least five other civil cases that are still pending. In some situations, the plaintiffs requested that the hearings be kept public. They were concerned about unanticipated outcomes if the deal failed, as well as potential effects on insurance payments in other litigation.

However, the judge decided that the boy’s right to privacy outweighed the need for the court to make information public and he sealed the settlement paperwork and approval hearings.

“The interests of the minor child are truly what are guiding my decision. And that is one of the strongest justifications for sealing a case, according to District Court Judge Bryan Biedscheid, who presided over a Santa Fe-based court’s videoconference session.

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According to the civil case, Baldwin and other “Rust” cast and crew members disregarded firearms safety regulations on the set. These allegations have been refuted by Baldwin and the other accused.

Other than the “Rust” producers who were listed as defendants in the case, such as weapons supervisor Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, knowledge of the details of the settlement will likewise be off limits. While acceptance of the agreement should put an end to their involvement in the wrongful death lawsuit, a few of those defendants objected to being kept in the dark about the settlement’s specifics.

In separate court cases, Gutierrez-Reed and Baldwin are also accused of involuntary manslaughter. Both have entered a not guilty plea, and two weeks of evidence hearings are scheduled for May.

In October, widower Matthew Hutchins presented a settlement proposal that made it possible for production to restart in Montana. He will act as the producer. more

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