For impatient royals, Meghan Markle’s absence from the coronation was “a quiet relief.”

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s absence from King Charles’ special day is believed to have relieved the whole British royal family.

Prince Harry will attend his father’s coronation, Buckingham Palace announced on April 12, putting an end to months of rumors regarding his acceptance following the publication of his explosive memoir “Spare.” His wife and their two young children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, will remain at the family’s California residence.

“I think there is a quiet relief that Meghan isn’t coming because it avoids so many situations,” said Nick Bullen, co-founder of True Royalty TV, in an interview with Fox News Digital. It prevents Meghan from being the subject of all cameras on the king’s day. People would be watching them to see how they respond. Does anyone in the front row give each other the side eye? She not arriving, in my opinion, is a positive thing. It’s nice that [Prince Harry] will be attending.

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The British royal family has been the subject of documentaries by award-winning filmmaker Bullen for 20 years. He has also been intimately associated with the king for almost ten years.

A panel of royal experts and insiders will delve deeply into the customs surrounding the coronation in the special “His Majesty’s Coronation: Behind the Throne,” which will debut on the streaming service on April 21. On May 6, the king will be installed at Westminster Abbey in London.

Bullen claimed that he was informed by insiders that “everyone is really pleased that Harry’s coming to the coronation.”

“He had to come,” Bullen said. “This is the biggest moment for his father. His father spent his entire life waiting for it. Not showing there would have been impolite, let alone lacking in respect and flair… Everyone is really happy that he is coming, including the royal family, the household, and the country. He had to participate in it.

Archie’s birthday falls on the day of the coronation, providing the former American actress a justification to remain in the United States. Bullen said that the 41-year-old made the right choice to forego the festivities in the wake of the six-part Netflix documentary outlining the couple’s decision to resign from their royal duties.

According to Harry and the biracial former “Suits” star, she experienced racist remarks from the palace and the British press. They chose to leave the nation in part as a result of the treatment.

Details of intimate chats between Harry and his father as well as with his brother Prince William are revealed in “Spare.” Harry and his family experienced growing tensions as a result of the best-selling book, which became public when he and his wife relocated to North America in 2020.

A claim made in the book was that members of the royal family frequently provided the media with unfavorable material about other Windsor family members in exchange for favorable publicity of themselves.

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Meghan Markle in a white coat dress and a matching white hat with Prince Harry in a suit and tie
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s spokeswoman recently stated that they were ordered to leave their residence in the United Kingdom. A day after Prince Harry’s scathing memoir “Spare” was published, King Charles reportedly started the eviction procedure. (Matt Dunham – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Following the release of “Spare,” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex affirmed that they had been asked to leave their residence in Britain. Before relinquishing their royal duties and relocating to the affluent coastal city of Montecito, the couple’s primary residence was Frogmore Cottage, a royal palace on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Bullen claimed that Markle’s presence would have simply served to intensify the current royal soap opera.

It’s preferable that Harry is traveling alone because it prevents any awkward situations with family members, according to Bullen. It will be challenging enough. There won’t be any significant conversations between [Prince] William and Harry, in my opinion. Harry has been rather open about his plans to fly in and out and that he wants to return on Archie’s birthday. There won’t be many opportunities for them to interact verbally.


Harry isn’t, in my opinion, a part of the procession. There won’t be much interaction because it’s unlikely that he will be on the balcony. They will commute in various automobiles. There are therefore not many occasions when they are required.

Meghan Markle wearing black next to Camilla and Kate Middleton and her children all wearing black
When Meghan Markle went to the burial of Queen Elizabeth II in the United Kingdom, all eyes were on her. (Patrick van Katwijk/Getty

Bullen stated, “However, I think Meghan not coming makes it easier for everyone because it doesn’t become ‘The Meghan Show.'” “And even if Meghan didn’t intend for it to be ‘The Meghan Show,’ she is intelligent enough to understand that if she shows there, cameras will be pointed at her to see how she reacts.

There will be cameras pointed towards Kate [Middleton] to catch her gaze on Meghan. How does Meghan appear to the Queen [Camilla]? Do the king and Meghan speak to one another? Everything turns to be about what happened to Meghan. So I consider it advantageous that she won’t be attending.

A close-up of Kate Middleton in a red dress and a matching hat next to Meghan Markle in a white dress with a matching hat
On the day of the couple’s wedding, Prince Harry is pictured here gazing at his wife, Meghan Markle, as she arrives with the late Prince Charles. (Jonathan Brady/Pool/AFP/Getty Images)

Bullen stated that he is not surprised by Markle’s decision to stay away from her spouse. It would have been worse for everyone, he claimed, if Meghan had been present.

Though the Duchess of Sussex won’t be present to assist her father-in-law, he claimed that there is still a sense of “sadness” about it. He noted that Thomas Markle, a former Hollywood lighting designer, was unable to accompany Markle on her wedding day in 2018, so Charles walked her down the aisle in his place.

They could have done so much more for the monarchy. We would have been able to observe how much better they could have been at this point. It’s tragic for them, for the family, for the country, and for the Commonwealth, in my opinion. It’s unfortunate that an opportunity was missed and will never be had again.

Bullen remarked, “I think there will be sadness on everyone’s behalf, but there’ll also be relief that the story isn’t about her. “… Many people blame her and Harry for this family’s disintegration. They’ve adopted a stance that has made it exceedingly challenging for them to reverse course. And the Windsors have found it quite challenging to enter. I am positive that Harry and the monarch have spoken. And I am certain that the king has done everything within his power to encourage the mending of ties. However, the Sussexes have made their bed and are clearly lying in it.

Bullen is still optimistic that Harry will repair his bond with the king in due course. His younger son, 38, and the 74-year-old have reportedly had fruitful chats, according to sources. The monarch is “pleased” that the prince will attend the coronation, even if his presence is just fleeting, despite the fact that the assertions made by Harry in his memoir are claimed to have caused him great pain.

And Markle changed her mind after assuming she may face negative coverage for her appearance in the British press.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wave
In 2020, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left the royal family. (Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Bullen claimed there was enough harm to go around. But even when the king is crowned, the continuous story will continue.

Bullen said, “We’ve been fixated on huge, strong families for years. “All of those great shows, including ‘Dallas,’ ‘Dynasty,’ ‘Succession,’ and ‘Yellowstone,’ feature wealthy, influential families at their core. And that’s what it is, too… It’s also real life. It is superior than anything you might find in fiction.

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