Lady Pamela responds Prince Philip’s cousin isn’t on King Charles’ coronation guest list.

Lady Pamela

One of Queen Elizabeth II’s bridesmaids, Lady Pamela Hicks, responded after learning lately that she would not be included on the reduced guest list for King Charles III’s coronation next month.

India Hicks, Pamela’s daughter, described her mother’s response to receiving the call from the king’s personal secretary on Wednesday in an Instagram post. “How very, very sensible,” she said.

India mentioned that her mother liked that the invitations were based on “meritocracy not aristocracy.” She stated that Lady Pamela responded, “I am going to follow the events of this new reign with great interest.”

The King sent his deepest sympathies and sincere regrets for offending so many of his family and friends with the shortened list, India continued. My mum was not at all offended. It was stated to her, according to what she reported, that while Queen Elizabeth II had 8,000 guests attend her coronation in 1953, Charles intended to reduce that number to “alleviate the burden on the state.”

Lady Pamela Hicks and her daughter wearing black at Queen Elizabeth's funeral
Last year, Lady Pamela Hicks and her daughter India Hicks went to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. (Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

Lady Pamela is Prince Philip’s first cousin and the daughter of Lord Mountbatten, who was killed by the IRA in 1979. She attended the 1947 wedding of Philip and the late queen as a bridesmaid.


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In September, Lady Pamela and her daughter both went to the queen’s burial.

The caption on a picture of the two of them dressed in black at the time was “What a privilege,” Hicks said on Instagram. To have watched the sun set over Westminster Abbey last night, then to return today with my mother for the State Funeral and Committal Service in Windsor’s St. George’s Chapel. The Archbishop of Canterbury famously observed, “Service in life, hope in death.” The Queen is blessed. The King, Long Live.”


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Lady Pamela and her daughter attended the queen’s funeral in September

Hicks stated on Instagram that the phrase “What a privilege” was written beneath a photo of the two of them at the time dressed all in black. observing the sun set over Westminster Abbey the day before, and then returning today with my mother to attend the state funeral and committal service at Windsor’s St. George’s Chapel. The Canterbury Archbishop is credited with saying, “Service in life, hope in death.” The Queen is fortunate. Long Live the King.

On the anniversary of the queen’s passing last year, Hicks wrote about a story her mother told her about when the queen had visited her.

In September, Hicks posted on Instagram that “my mother says that whenever the Queen would come and stay, she would always bring a box of chocolates for her hostess and a box of chocolates for herself.” “During one of these visits, she brought a tiny complaint to my mother about her pet mongoose, Neola. The Queen claimed that while she didn’t mind Neola entering her room or him taking a nibble out of each of her chocolates, she did mind when he took a larger chunk.


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Hicks mentioned her mother’s 94th birthday in her tweet on Wednesday. She jokingly said that the king’s secretary finally called her at her home after her daughter Domino twice unintentionally hung up on the palace, alleging they were receiving “spam calls.”

The coronation service at Westminster Abbey on May 6 is expected to draw the royal family, British politicians, chiefs of state, monarchs from other nations, as well as representatives of the community and charities.

King Charles in green suit adorned with medals and chains sits in a royal chair next to a crown
The inauguration of King Charles will take place on May 6. (Alastair Grant)

The coronation celebrations will go on all weekend, and those like Sarah Ferguson, who was also passed over for Westminster Abbey, are anticipated to attend other events.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie’s mother Ferguson, the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, a brother of Charles, will attend the coronation concert on May 7 at Windsor Castle as a VIP.

A close-up of Sarah Ferguson at a film premiere
The coronation concert is open to Sarah Ferguson, but the actual event is not. (Getty Images)

At the coronation, senior royals including Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their three kids will be there. Prince Harry indicated that he would attend, but Meghan Markle intends to stay at home with their children. The king’s brother Prince Andrew and sister Princess Anne will be present.

Prince Harry in a blue button down shirt and black suit smiles with wife Meghan Markle in the Netherlands for the Invictus Games
Meghan Markle won’t be joining Prince Harry at the coronation, according to preparations. (Mark Cuthbert/UK Press)


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