Morgan Wallen cancels the show, angering the crowd

Morgan Wallen cancels the show, angering the crowd

Following a vocal loss, Morgan Wallen abruptly postponed his Sunday night performance at the Ole Miss stadium in Oxford, Mississippi.

What was scheduled to be two nights of performances by one of the hottest talents in country music were abruptly canceled. With thousands of people attending the first concert in the stadium’s history on Saturday night, the event seemed to be a big success.

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On his Instagram story, Morgan Wallen announced the information.

After yesterday night’s performance, he began to lose his voice, so he spent the day sleeping, talking to his doctor, and working through his vocal exercises in an effort to recover. It pains me to say this so close to the start of the performance since my voice is damaged and I can’t sing. I really believed I’d be able to take the stage.

Morgan Wallen performing at the Billboard Music Awards
At the Ole Miss stadium on Saturday, Morgan Wallen performed. ( Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for MRC)

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The country music artist promised that fans will receive refunds.

“I am so sorry, I promise you guys I tried everything I could,” Wallen continued.

After the opening performers finished playing, the event was canceled, which infuriated some supporters.

Morgan Wallen statement on concert cancellation
On his Instagram account, Morgan Wallen posted a message explaining why he had to cancel his program. (Morgan Wallen Instagram)

According to WTVA-TV, video boards inside the Ole Miss football stadium displayed a message stating that the “Thought You Should Know” singer had lost his voice and would not be able to perform, and that ticket buyers would receive a refund.

Totally disappointed with Morgan Wallen, @MorganWallen! One Twitter user wrote: “Been sitting in this stadium for three hours and he just announced the show is canceled!!!” “TOTAL BULLS—!”

Another user commented, “Cool, but what about the dog sitter, baby sitter, hotel, PTO, and gas money we took for this?” @morganwallen, you were aware this morning.

Another follower remembered the moment Luke Combs couldn’t speak.

The Twitter user stated, “Luke Combs lost his voice still played the show and gave people their money back, just sayin’.”

Morgan Wallen at the Billboard Music Awards
Currently on tour in support of his most recent album, “One Thing at a Time,” is Morgan Wallen. (Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for MRC)

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Despite being the subject of controversy in 2021 after a video of him using the N-word leaked, Morgan Wallen has emerged as the most popular vocalist in country music.

Morgan Wallen faced criticism in the country music community and online. Morgan Wallen was nominated for several Academy of Country Music Awards, although he was not present at the event in any way. In addition, his record company fired him, and iHeartRadio forbade him from playing his music.

His fan base did not appear to be impacted by the incident, as he continued to put out top-charting music. Since its February release, his most recent single, “Last Night,” has held the top spot on the Billboard chart.

In an interview with Michael Strahan conducted months after the video went viral, Morgan Wallen discussed the clip and his decision to use a racial slur.

“I was with some of my pals and we were simply saying stupid things to each other. It’s playful in our minds. It seems stupid, but that’s where it truly comes from, and it’s incorrect,” Wallen added. “We were all obviously inebriated, and I was asking his partner to look after him since he was intoxicated and about to go. I didn’t mean that in a disparaging way at all.

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